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Naturally Balanced your Cholesterol Level--Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Program

Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Program
-Naturally Balanced your Cholesterol Level
---The Most Effective Natural Health Therapy
---A Therapy with All the best Natural Health Therapies Integrated
----A Great Therapy Especially for Chronic Disease Patients and Disabilities’ high cholesterol
John M. Ke, PHD. And Maxwell Chan, MS, Publisher,
Cover Design: Maxwell Chan
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Ebook ISBN: 978-0-9948988-4-5


There are many causes can lead to different kinds of High Cholesterol; With a Statins Prescription to treat all types of High cholesterol, we believe that is terrible medical malpractice.

This book shows you how to identify what type of High cholesterol you may help, and how to choose the right treatment for it.

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Content of table

Title Page
CHAPTER: 1 Introduction
1.1 About Authors:
1.2 Preface:
1.3 Disclaim
1.4 Copyright
CHAPTER 2 How to have Your Cholesterol Controlled Naturally?
2.1 Cholesterol level Classifications Standard
A. Total Cholesterol
B. LDL Cholesterol

C. HDL Cholesterol
D. Setting Your LDL Goal:
2.2 Causes of High Cholesterol
2.2.1. Liver lipid metabolism problem:
2.2.2. Kidney Function Problem:
2.2.3 Lung function support kidney function and control liver function directly:
2.2.4 Even though Spleen function does not affect live lipid metabolism directly:
Chapter 3. Solutions for High Cholesterol
                                                ----Under different health situations
3  Obesity and High Cholesterol
3.2 High Blood Cholesterol and Diabetes
3.3 High Blood Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure
3.4 High Cholesterol with the Aged and Chronic Sick
3.5 Liver sickness and High cholesterol:
3.6 Kidney Sickness and High Cholesterol:
3.7 Thyroid disease and High cholesterol:
3.8 Rheumatoid arthritis and High cholesterol
3.9 Stroke Survivor and High Cholesterol
3.10 Depressed and high cholesterol
CHAPTER 4. Cholesterol Basic Information
4.1What is Cholesterol?
4.2 What Do Your Cholesterol Numbers Mean?
4.3 Why to have Cholesterol Balanced is Important?
4.4 How Does Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease?
4.4.1 What are Atheroma and Cardiovascular Diseases?
4.4.2 What Factors Affect the Blood Level of Cholesterol?
Risk Factors:
4.4.3Treating High Cholesterol
4.4.4 There are four main types of Dyslipidemias [Refer: ATP III]:
4.4.1 Four types of hyperglycemia
CHAPTER 5 Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Program
5.5.1 What are the Integrative and Complementary Medicine features to cope with high cholesterol?
5.1.2 Functional Foods
5.2 What is Lifestyle  Changes Therapeutic Therapy?
5.2.1 Why Functional Food therapy Lifestyle Change?
5.2.2 Functional Food Therapeutic lifestyle Changes: Standard Operation Procedure [SOP]:
CHAPTER 6 Appends
6.1 What is Complementary and Integrative Medicine or Alternative Health
   And what is  Functional food
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