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Naturally balanced your Blood pressure Level--Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Program

Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Program
-Naturally balanced your Blood pressure Level
---The Most Effective Natural Health Therapy

---A Therapy with All the best Natural Health Therapies Integrated

----A Great useful Therapy Especially for Chronic Disease Patients and Disabilities


John M. Ke, Ph.D. And Maxwell Chan, MS, Publisher,
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Ebook ISBN: 978-0-9948988-5-2

Brief Introduction:

More than 50% high blood pressure patients get Kidney Failure finally; this book can help you: DON'T BE ONE OF THEM.
There are different types of high blood pressure. It is terrible medical malpractice to treat high blood pressure without tracking the cause.
This book show you how to naturally have your blood pressure well controlled


Because of many years sitting in a wheelchair, I have to take many prescriptions to keep my blood pressure under healthy range; and those medicines make me sicked. After my participating in Few months Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyles Changes Program, I am free of side-effects of Prescription, and my stomach does not bother me too much hereafter, and I have better sleeping.
Thomas, Montreal, Canada
I like Functional food Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Program, Yes, Dr. John is right! Complicated health issues should be dealt with systematically integrated health solution! Nothing got much improved after I spent many years at YOGA, QI-GONG, even some magic super foods, my blood pressure is still high, and the belly always bothered me. Now, few months’ functional food TLC Program has my health Problem solved, Thank you! Mr. Max-well!
Cathy, Chicago, USA
The functional food therapeutic lifestyle changes program does save me from tons of torture of many daily pills. It seems most my any health problems get a chance to get well controlled! However, my wife Dora begins complaint it is not easy for her to make the functional food meal for me! Besides giving my wife Dora more love, more gifts, What else can I do? Dr. John and Max.
Jimmy, Detroit, USA
Why I like Functional food therapeutic lifestyle changes program? I have been in Alternative medicine for decades. Traditional Chinese Medicine is excellent, but its profound theories make me feel confused. Also, there are some reports that heavy metal content is surpassed Europe Medicine Administrative standard. I once advised my patients to try Ayurveda medicine, Yoga, and they gave me feedback that it is not easy for them to practice Yoga and they have a big problem to understand Ayurveda medicine. How about other modern therapies? Messaging and Acupuncture Besides how much money per hour is evident, how and how much of the health problem can be solved, they are not very clear.
With functional food therapeutic lifestyles change program, patients should take time and efforts to prepare the foods. However, they can know very clear why they need to do so and what health benefits they can get. The most important matters are that patients can have their budget well controlled. Also, all functional foods are purchased from local food mart, and it should be much better safety.
Michael, Toronto, Canada


Content of table

Title Page
CHAPTER: 1 Introduction
1.1 Brief  Introduction of this book
1.2 Preface:
1.3 Disclaim
1.4 Copyright
CHAPTER 2  Basic Information for High Blood Pressure
2.1 What Is Blood Pressure?
2.2 How Blood Pressure is measured?
2.3 What Is High Blood Pressure?
2.4 How is high blood pressure diagnosed?
2.4.1 What’s Normal?
2.4.2 What’s High?
2.5 Understanding the Causes
 2.5.1 General Causes for High Blood Pressure
2.5.2 Kidney Function Problem:
2.5.3 Liver Function Problem:
2.5.4 Lung function supports kidney function and control liver function directly:
2.5.5 Spleen function does not affect blood pressure directly:
2.5.5 Heart function:
2.6 Understand Side-effect of High Blood Pressure medication:
Chapter 3. Solutions for High Blood pressure
                ----Under different health situations
3.1 Obesity and High Blood pressure
3.2  Diabetics and High  Blood Pressure
3.3 High Blood Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure
3.4 High Blood pressure with the Aged and Chronic Sick
3.5 Liver sickness and High blood pressure:
3.6 Kidney Sickness and High Blood pressure:
3.7 Thyroid disease and High blood pressure:
3.8. Rheumatoid arthritis and HIGH Blood Pressure
3.9 Asthma and High Blood Pressure
3.10. Stroke Survivor and High Blood pressure
3.11 Depressed and high blood pressure
CHAPTER 4.High Blood Pressure Common  Asked Questions:
I FAQ for chronic disease patient or disability:
1.            What is the best solution for high blood pressure?
2.            How do you view High Blood Pressure by the  Complementary and Integrated Medicine?
3.            What is the difference as to the High Blood Pressure treatments between convention Medicine and Complementary medicine?
II. FAQ for  General High Blood Pressure patient
1. Are you at risk?
2. What are the signs and symptoms?
4. How is it treated?
5. What blood pressure levels are healthy?
6. Can high blood pressure be prevented?
CHAPTER 5 Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Program
5.1 What are the Integrative and Complementary Medicine features to cope with high blood pressure?
5.1.2 Functional Foods
5.2 What is Lifestyle  Changes Therapeutic Therapy?
5.2.1 Why Functional Food therapy Lifestyle Change?
5.2.2 Functional Food Therapeutic lifestyle Changes: Standard Operation Procedure [SOP]:
CHAPTER 6 Appends
6.1 What is Complementary and Integrative Medicine or Alternative Health
 And what is  Functional food
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