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Natural Heal Vitiligo Strengthen Immunity---_ Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Program

 Natural Heal Vitiligo Strengthen Immunity

            _ Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Program

            -Naturally Balanced your Cholesterol Level 

            -The Most Effective Natural Health Therapy

       -A Therapy with All the best Natural Health Therapies Integrated

                                                                John M. Ke, Ph.D. And Maxwell Chan, MS, Publisher
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Brief Introduction

Vitiligo is a medical condition, not just a cosmetic concern.
If you decide not to treat vitiligo, it’s still important to see your doctor to discuss your medical situation. Anyway Vitiligo is a medical condition, not just a cosmetic concern, and by Complementary and Integrative Medicine, Most Vitiligo does connect to some chronic digestive health problem and immunity problem; Especially, to Menopausal women and men over 50, Vitiligo could be the signal of your health Problem. It is very important to choose a right way to deal with it. To choose a wrong way to deal with it, you have chance to get worse health situation in return; doing nothing to it, To Menopausal women, it is very possible to make immunity system and digestion system become worse; To men over 50, it is very possible to affect his metabolic capability and sexual health, and affect life quality.
And the purpose we write this book is to advise right Solution to people with this or that health problem, instead of for Vitiligo

Content of table

Title Page
 Natural Heal Vitiligo Strengthen Immunity
Chapter: 1 Introduction
1.1  About Authors:
1.2 Preface:
1.3 Disclaim
1.4 Copyright
Chapter 2 Basic Concepts
2.1  What is Integrated and Complementary Medicine?
2.1.1 Integrated and Complementary Medicine
2.1.1 What are the Integrative and Complementary Medicine features to cope with Vitiligo?
2.1.2 Natural Health
2.1.3 Functional Food Therapy
2.1.4 Functional Foods
Chapter 3 Vitiligo Introduction
3.1 What is Vitiligo?
3.2 What Are the Symptoms of Vitiligo?
3.3 Causes of Vitiligo
3.4 Vitiligo’s causes are divided as follows catalog
a. Heredity
b. Nutritional Deficiency and Digestive Problem
c. Stress , Trauma, and Autoimmune conditions
Chapter 4 How Vitiligo is Diagnosed and Treated
4.1 How to diagnose vitiligo
(1) Anemia mole
(2) No pigmented nevus
(4) Discoid Lupus Erythematosus
(5) Leukoplakia
4.2 How to Slow Vitiligo expansion?
4.3 Every Vitiligo victim has its own individuality
Chapter 5 Vitiligo Treatments
5.1 Psoralen therapy
Psoralen therapy side-Effect
5.2 Nonsurgical treatments for Vitiligo
5.3 Surgical options to treat Vitiligo
5.4 Traditional Chinese Medicine for Vitiligo
a.The Blood Circulation
b. Body at Sick- stimulated Status Most happen to victims of the chronic disease.
c. Liver Metabolic stagnation
d. Liver and Kidney deficiency
5.5 Ayurvedic Medications
5.6 Choose a Right Vitiligo Treatment
5.7 Living with Vitiligo
5.8 Authors: Dr. John and Maxwell’s comments as to Vitiligo
Chapter 6 Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Program
6.2 What is Lifestyle  Changes Therapeutic Therapy?
6.2.1 Why Functional Food therapy Lifestyle Change?
6.2.2 Functional Food Therapeutic lifestyle Changes: Standard Operation Procedure [SOP]:
6.3 Most Common Applied Functional Food List
1.            Parsnip1
2.             Celery2
3.         Carrots3
4.         St. John ‘s Wort4
5.         Common hydrophobic plant  [duckweed L]5
6.         Ginkgo Biloba6
7.        Rhizoma Rhei7
8.         Lotus Leaf8
9.         Nopal1 Cactus Nectar9
10.       Goji Berries10
12.       Brown Rice12
13.       Oatmeal13
14.       Pastas14
15.          Citrus Fruits15
16.       Tomatoes16
17.       Potatoes17
18.       Broccoli18
19.       Cauliflower19
20.       Brussels Sprouts20
21.       Sprouts21
22.       Red bell peppers22
23.       Spinach23
24.       Cabbage24
25.       Cereals25
26.       Breads26
27.       Legumes (Dr Beans, Split Peas & Lentils)27
28.       Cranberries28
29.        Avocado Fruit29
30.       Black Rice30
31.       Black Dates31
32.       Black Sesame32
33.       White Sesame33
34.       Dragon Fruit34
35.       Fructus Cratagi (haw fruit)35
36.       Dioscorea Opposite (Nagaimo, Chinese yam, Korean  yam)36
37.       Burdock root [Arctium lappa]37
38.      Black Fungus38
39.      Auricularia Auricula39
40.          Job’s Tears40
6.3  Example cases of Functional Food therapeutic Lifestyle Changes
6.3.1 For menopause women with high cholesterol:
6.3.2 for Menopause man with High Cholesterol
6.4 Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes for Andropause1 Man with High Cholesterol:
  6.4. Functional Foods Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Program for High Cholesterol:
6.4.1 Functional Foods are not Magic Medicine, don’t expect Something Miracle to happen
6.4.2 Keep Sleeping on Right-Time Period
6.4.3 Form Your Own Medical Health Team for Your Health Goal
6.4.4 Working with Your Doctor: Your Health Partnership
6.4.5 Some Tips for How to Make Your Partnership Work Well:
6.4.6Keep records. Record your test results of each visit
6.4.7 Exercise
6.4.6 Keeping Track of Your Changes
6.4.7 Be Smart When You Start
6.4.8 Making Functional Food Therapeutic Program a Family Affair
6.4.9 Have a Faith in Your Future, Be Confident at Your Health Restoration
6.4.10 Here are some tips for a peaceful mind
CHAPTER 7 Appends
7.1 What is Complementary and Integrative Medicine or Alternative Health
    And what is  Functional Food?
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