Thursday, 20 October 2016

It is said that High Blood Pressure is incurable, It Is true?

 Our human being body is the greatest doctor in the world. When something wrong happens in our body e.g. Blood vessels and Part of our body has a problem to get sufficient blood supplier,  our heart increases its blood pressure to ensure our body be able to still running even if there may be some problems somewhere.
There are many factors can let blood pressure becomes higher than normal. For example, no enough sleeping, anxious, nervous, etc. can produce Pseudo high blood pressure; Also, part of our body sicked status can cause high blood pressure too.
Without entirely studying patient’s causes of high blood pressure, and give blood pressure medications prescription to the patients maybe a medical malpractice.  Here is the reason  WHY.
 Because of something wrong in our body, our heart tries all its best to raise the blood pressure to ensure there is no bigger problem for life to continue. If our doctor applied tons of Blood pressure pill to our heat at this moment, How can how the heart feel?? It should be helpless, hopeless and Wronged. Maybe it is the reason that most high blood pressure patients become died of heart failure or kidney failure.
To find the bet solution for high blood pressure under a different kind of health situation, Dr. John Min Ke and Maxwell Chan, Ms invented Functional Food Therapeutic  LifeStyle Changes   [ TLC] Program.
In this Program, the first step is to find the patient’s cause of high blood pressure, then to choose the right functional food for daily Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes [ TLC]. The Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Program  are reported that it has many Especial  advantages:
1.       Doesn’t like generic blood press pills,  which can only increase burden or problem to our heart,  the functional Food TLC program mainly helps our heart to clean out any factor which causes high blood pressure at zero cost of side effect.
2.       Low Cost. Most High Blood Pressure pills are not cheap; also the most doctor can only help to control the Blood pressure test data, instead of clean out the causes of high blood pressure.
So, patients have to pay the bill whole life. And the  Functional Food TLC program makes High Blood Pressure curable; there is almost no additional cost happen.
A Free version of Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Program can be downloaded here

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