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How to find the best high cholesterol treatment?--------Review for Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Program----- Naturally Have Your Cholesterol Balanced, especially for disability and chronic disease patient.

Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Program-----Naturally Have Your Cholesterol Balanced,   John M. Ke, PhD, Maxwell Chan, MS
Privately published, Toronto, Canada, www.SkyBlueCross.com,2016
International Standard Book Number-13: ISBN: 978-0-9948988-4-5 (eBook - PDF)
“Naturally Have Your Cholesterol Balanced” is an inside look at the causes behind the High Cholesterol. The book gives out detail step by step how to cope with High Cholesterol and the causes behind the High Cholesterol

Author Dr. John M. Ke got his Ph. D from Medical College of Ohio, Dr. John is good at integrating Convention medicine and Alternative medicine and find out best Natural Health solution for special health problems; Co-Author Maxwell Chan, MS  is experienced  senior Alternative Health consultant on SkyBlueCoss.com, he is also   a top functional food expert and good at applying kinds of different functional foods to  cope with different complicated health problems.   Two authors run the best High Cholesterol and related health problems solution support team on SkyBlueCross.com.

The theory: Therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLC) is created by the National Institutes of Health's (NIH) National Cholesterol Education Program. TLC is the nonpharmacological component of the Third Report of the NCEP and ATP. TLC has been shown to be an effective therapy in reducing CHD (Coronary heart disease) risk III, which emphasizes diet, physical activity, behavior change and weight loss ( if indicated).

TLC is actually a kind of Complementary and Integrative Medicine remedies. Dr. John M Ke and Maxwell chan have TLC developed with Chaos theory and Alternative medicine and   applications of kinds of Functional Food, they invented Functional Food TLC, which has been shown to be more effective therapies to many chronic disease patient and disabilities [Please refer their Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Program for High Blood Pressure, vitiligo, for constipation, for metabolic syndrome …etc. series books.]

Though all the foods applied in the Functional Food TLC program are from local food mart. It is considered safety. However, Two authors still consider “every High Cholesterol patient has its own individuality”, so, they prefer create a special support forum and give out Functional food recipe per every High Cholesterol patient special need. I believe this will bring this book reader more value benefit.
 The most value thing is two authors also offer life-long free Email consulting service to any patient who is covered by local social security system. they are really with golden like good heart.
 As human being still has not made clear everything as to High Cholesterol yet; it is said that most High Cholesterol patient may spend whole life to cope with this health problem, which is really regretted.
Supposed I was a disability  with high cholesterol problem, I think not matter if my high cholesterol  can be restored to normal level ( as I know  after stroke,  the cholesterol  will become higher  naturally) I still wish my health problems behind high cholesterol  can be treated better first, then Cholesterol  can be controlled.   I not only like the book's natural safety practicable affordable high cholesterol solution, I also like the authors' scientific cautious attitude toward health/medical Problem. It is highly recommend this book to High Cholesterol friend, especially to disability and chronic disease friend.


Director, SkyBlueCross.com

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