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Naturally Heal Chronic Constipation -----Functional Food Therapeutic Life Style Changes Program

Constipation — especially when it is chronic — causes a sluggish digestive response, which in turn leaves waste in the system longer. This increases the likelihood that toxins will be released into the bloodstream. It is also a cause of other illnesses and irritations, such as hemorrhoids and varicose veins. All the toxins that you eat, drink, breathe in and absorb through your skin end up being processed by your gastrointestinal system and liver. If they are not forced from your colon and liver as quickly as possible, they can wreak havoc on your body’s systems. By releasing stagnant body waste, you reduce the causes and the risk of polyps, cysts and cancerous growths in your colon and gastrointestinal tract

There are many cause may lead to different kinds of Constipation ; we were regretted to find that most doctors get used to give their constipation patients with same prescriptions, and don’t even care about the specific cause for the patient’s Constipation. Refer Chapter Two of this book, there are really many different causes which may lead to constipation, and different kinds of constipation required related specific treatment , remedy or solution. With one Laxative to treat all kinds of constipation, we believe that is terribly medical malpractice. 

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Refer Chapter Two of this book, there are really many different causes which may lead to constipation, and different kinds of constipation required related specific treatment , remedy or solution. With one Laxative to treat all kinds of constipation, we believe that is terribly medical malpractice.
We are a team of Complementary and Integrative Medicine experts from Most individuals recognize the Great Pyramids of Egypt; however, only a few people know there are also pyramids in Medicine and Health-care, they are Complementary and Integrative Medication (CIM) therapy; it has existed since antiquity. Also, all of the USA, Canada and Europe have already established a related NIH Legal system, which let Complementary and Integrative Medication have enough legal foundation to develop.
Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) is a program that can help you have the cholesterol balanced well under general health situation, This program is recommended by the National Cholesterol Education Program of the U.S. National Institutes of Health. However, the program may not work very well to most chronic disease patients and disabilities.
With decades experience of High Cholesterol and Chronic Diseases Treatment s, Founders Dr John Dr. John M. Ke and Maxwell Chan developed a series of safe and convenient Complementary and Integrative Medication therapies, i.e. Functional food Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Program to cope with highly complicated health problems. The Functional food Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Program will allow thriving healthy future years with accurate medical records and Complementary and Integrative Medication therapies, they are glorious health solutions to some of today’s common diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, constipation, metabolic syndrome, High cholesterol, etc. So, This book is published in a series for the above topics.
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1. Help for you be not Life-Long Statins Prescriptions for the high cholesterol.
2. Easy, simple, safe Natural Home Remedies for people with different health conditions.
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4. All ttreatement s are as affordable as when you shop at your food mart.
This book mainly only talking about direction how to Naturally Heal Constipation under Different specific health situation, instead of hundreds pages textbook about How to Heal High Cholesterol,...etc. Want to have Heal your constipation? Please talk to your Medical Practitioner Individually. Sure, you can talk to our Online Consultants at for Integrative and Complementary Medicine reference too; we do offer free consulting service [if your income is low or covered by local related social security system] and commercial service. Constipation can affect anyone. It could be a serious condition that increases the risk for many diseases, it’s the number one annoying disease in Americans—women and men. The most constipation you have, the worse living quality you get.
By integrative and complementary medicine, Constipation not a sickness, but kind of digestion related metabolic status, which may be complicated mixed problems connected to liver, kidney, and spleen functions. Constipation is not good to Body Health Status for sure; however, it is kind of Quasi-stable digestion related metabolic status per Individual’s specific health situation. Human being body itself is the best doctor for human being’s health issue. It could be meaningless try to let a stroke survivor or an aged people’s bowel movement to reach regular healthy young man’s level. To heal, to treat or to lower it with convention medicine may not be the best solution to handle bowel movement, the best solution can only be found per specific individual health situation. the way how to deal with constipation in very well balanced way is important to some of patients under special health situation. Don’t mention possible side-effects, by Complementary and Integrative Health, Simply to apply laxative to constipation patient is like whipping a tired horse to make it exhausted, the best solution to deal with High Blood Cholesterol should be holistic solution—Complementary and Integrative Medicine.
So, this book mainly focus at “ how to l treat constipation under different health situations, Like high blood press, asthma,........ etc
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