Sunday, 26 August 2012

how to Have Healthy Beauty


An old fad always said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and people work hard every day to bring it out. Beauty and health tips must be applied for people to have glowing skin, hair and nails. There are beauty and health tips that people need to apply if they are to achieve the results they so want. For a healthy skin, people must first of all ensure that they are on the right diet. Drinking at least eight glasses of water everyday is a must. Water allows for the removal of toxins in the body thereby leaving a glowing and hydrated skin. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also a must for a healthy and beautiful skin. When it comes to the use of beauty products, people must know what works for their skin type. The common skin types include normal skin, oily skin, dry skin and a combination of the two.

Getting skin type tests makes ideal beauty and health tips when it comes to skin care. People will be better placed in picking beauty products that go with their skins. For instance, applying oily products to an already oily skin will cause more harm than good. The steps for face cleaning must be followed. The products used must be skin friendly to ensure that they do not corrode it. If irritation occurs, discontinuation of use is recommended. One of the most popular moisturizers is the Cetaphil Cream which is specially made for dry and sensitive skin. It costs about 12.97 USD. The Purpose Cleanser is suitable for all skin type and costs as little as 6 USD. It is oil free and cleans the skin effectively. The Cetaphil Cleanser goes for about 10 USD and works well with both normal and dry skins.

Healthy hair is a plus for all people and the proper beauty and health tips must be followed. Hair must always be kept clean and free from dandruff and other infections. A healthy diet mainly composed of fruits such as avocado is of essence. The right shampoo must be used for a healthy and beautiful finish. It is also ideal to pick the best hairstyle that matches the facial structure. Hair additions and extensions give 'bad hair' a whole new life.

Eyes are the windows to the soul and applying proper beauty and health tips will lead to more beautiful and healthy eyes. Eye care will include enough hours of sleep to ensure that they do not look puffy and tired. The right eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner may be applied according to preference and occasion. Use of false eyelashes gives a fuller feel and look and the eyes will definitely look gorgeous. To maintain healthy looking eyes, the makeup applied must be removed before retiring to bed. This will rid them of harm from the chemicals in eye makeups. Red eyes can be cleared through use of eye drops such as the Blue Collyre.

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