Saturday, 31 March 2012

Pain Relief – Lower Back

The work environment varies but in most cases, jobs require employees to sit all day on their desk doing tons of paperwork and other tasks. Sitting for a very long period can cause lower back pain. Just imagine that you’ll be sitting on your office chair for the rest of the year every day. It’s no wonder many employees suffer from stress and constant pain particularly on their lower back. This is the best time to choose an effective pain relief.

 True enough, sitting at the office is less strenuous as compared to hiking, biking, or traversing rough trails. Because of the sedentary lifestyle of many people, their bodies suffer greatly. According to studies, back pain is a very common condition and most of today’s workforce is suffering from it. With the cool atmosphere provided by the air-conditioning systems and limited body movement, the body is inactive all throughout the day. There may be ways to address pain on the lower back but most of them are not effective.

 People whose jobs are office-based tend to suffer from back pain which includes the lower portions of the back. The pain may be chronic especially to those who have been working at the office for a long time. New office-based employees are just beginning to feel such pain and if you don’t want the pain to last, you should make use of the appropriate pain relief. As you can see, lower back pain should be addressed at the soonest possible time for best results.

 There are lots of online and offline resources that can help you in addressing back pain. However, not all these stuff work. eBooks on pain relief are all over the internet and they offer possible solutions for your back pain. If one treatment doesn’t work, you can always try another one. Don’t resort to drugs and surgery. If you simply take time in looking for effective pain relief treatments, you will surely find one that you can afford and one that will work for you.

 Lower back pain starts with the muscles around the spine. When the muscles are weak or quite tight, you will feel pain. It is very important that you have good blood circulation as it can also bring about back pain. Even when you’re in the office, you should stretch up a little. Don’t just sit down. Try to move from time to time; stand up and stretch your arms. By doing so, you can reduce the tension on your lower back. When muscles are stretched and moved, it will not become too tight.

 You need to lie down on the floor and under your knees, you need to put pillows. Bend your knees and feet. By doing this position, the weight is taken off from your back. If your back still hurts, you should lie down in this position. Try to walk from time to time to get those muscles moving.

 If you feel muscle spasms, use heating pads. You can use it for 20-30 minutes. For additional relief, you can also try massages and ice packs. Some individuals take non prescription medications like aspirin, naproxen, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and ketoprofen. These medicines can reduce swelling and pain.

 Search for the best lower back pain relief that you can use at home or in the office. You can do the exercise; take medicines, and many others. The choice is yours.

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