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Super Sleep Pack- Is It Really the best Sleep aid for insomnia, chronic insomnia and Menopause Insomnia?

 Super Sleep Pack review- Is It Really the best Sleep aid for insomnia, chronic insomnia and Menopause Insomnia?


A effective no side-effect insomnia is more desirable and superior in terms of user experience. For insomnia or sleep aid, there are many available sleep aid products in the market, which claim that they can help people to get possible expected sleep. Those products try to bring people to feel drowsy or sleepy; there is almost no any product or sleep aids can help people to cope with the underlying cause of insomnia, chronic insomnia and menopause insomnia or sleep disorder.
Insomnia or Sleep disorder is result of unbalance body status.  Just like most high blood pressure patients  have much chance to get kidney failure because of high blood pressure pill, insomnia patient, chronic insomnia patient and menopause insomnia victims  may have chance to get body organ  failure  too if they applied wrong sleeping pill or sleep aids in wrong.
Unlike old days, “Sleeping good” is unique purpose to all sleep aids. Now, Sleeping aid not only need to help people to  get good sleep, but also need to help people to overcome the insomnia/sleep disorder’s underlying causes, Moreover, No side-effects and Non-Habit Forming are required.
For example, Canada top popular natural Sleep aid----web natural  Super Sleep is very popular sleep aid,
The formula for Super Sleep features some quality ingredients, such as melatonin, passionflower, and l-theanine, but there are some concerns regarding the formula as well. Specifically, the use of 5-HTP, which is a potentially effective ingredient that can improve mood and regulate sleep, but also comes with the potential for some negative side effects; in the formula for Super Sleep, there are some concerns regarding the formula as well. Specifically, the use of 5-HTP, which is a potentially effective ingredient that can improve mood and regulate sleep, but also comes with the potential for some negative side effects [ refer:]
Conclusion: Super Sleep is  great natural sleep aid, not-habit forming possibility, However, it may come with potential negative side effects; Moreover,  as its complicated formula,  there is still big problem to exclude any potential unknown side-effect.
 Another Natural sleep aid Super Sleep Pack entered into the market recently (6 months back) to be release as Dynamical Customized Insomnia Dietaries and Supplements Natural Health Therapy.
When Super Sleep Pack comes to Natural Sleep aid market, Survival of Natural Sleep aid  becomes difficult  when there are a humungous amount of natural Sleep aid pill in the market. It becomes really difficult. I have always been an ardent user of Super Sleep  and Sleep specific Care.
From pass few months, I have been hearing about Super Sleep Pack and I decided to give it a try and see how good and effective it is. I contacted the Super Sleep Consulting support team to ask for sample so that I could do a neck-to-neck battle between super sleep  and Super Sleep Pack, and find out if this innovative natural sleep aid is really worth your money or not?

Preparing for Super Sleep Vs Super Sleep Pack:

After menopause , I not only get Depressed , but also get insomnia; Moreover, Both my high blood pressure and cholesterol go higher.
First, I consider super sleep, because I can  buy it from Shopper Drug Mart nearby ; But after I know it contain :
5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) (Griffonia simplicifolia)(seed).............................15mg
And refer                                                                           
Some medications for depression also increase serotonin. Taking 5-HTP along with these medications for depression might increase serotonin too much and cause serious side effects including heart problems, shivering, and anxiety. Do not take 5-HTP if you are taking medications for depression
I know Super Sleep is not for me. Also,  as my menopause insomnia has lasted more than 1 year
Second, I consider Super Sleep Pack:
 It is dynamical customized dietaries supplements therapy, also offer free before sale consulting service, and free insomnia question-answer submitting.  I think I may be able to try.
So, I submitted my first insomnia question at, and one sleep specialist gave me answer per what they claim in 24 hrs.
Per my special depressed insomnia, I was advised don’t use any ready-made sleep aid  dietaries supplements, but apply Special Care dietaries supplements for depressed and menopause, and  Especial Care dietaries supplements for insomnia separately.
By ordering Super Sleep Pack, I was offered one month free insomnia consulting support service. I  get all my insomnia related answers needed, Only US$25 , I not only get One Month dietaries Supplements for my menopause depressed Insomnia, but also two value  ebooks which let me know how to cope with all my menopause insomnia issues.
  After 6 months, though I know my insomnia problem has not be completely healed  because of the chronic health problem Depressed, I still feel  much strong confident to overcome my health problem and have happy life. I like Super Sleep Pack, not only it can help me  get nice sleep effetely, but also experience professional prompt support bring me great support both peaceful mind and  very exactly how-to  to cope my complex health issue.

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Prostatitis caused by Parkinson’s disease

Prostatitis caused by Parkinson’s disease: Patients with Parkinson’s disease have an estimated 1.71 relative risk for prostate cancer, noted Seth

Prostatitis Related to IBS

Prostatitis Related to IBS: Overlap Between CP/CPPS and IBS Research studies have found that a large number of men experience IBS

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Understanding the Causes of Prostatitis

Understanding the Causes of Prostatitis: By Convention Medicine, it is still tough to tell what the cause of Prostatitis is By Complementary and Integrated Medicine, General Causes for Prostatitis are shown below: Refer to the picture above: It is kidney function controls prostate related issue, while the lung function supports kidney function (it is the reason why most chronic disease prostatitis patient may easily meet with the problem that is very difficult to piss sometime (because of their weak body/weak lung function). Kidney Function Problem Kidney function controls prostate related issue directly, so most chronic kidney disease patients have much more chance to get prostatitis. Without Support of proper kidney function, there will be easily prostatitis problem happen; this is also the reason that most aged man has much more chance to get prostatitis. Prostatitis Patients who is still with kidney disease problem may have their prostatitis symptom controlled quickly by strengthening their kidney function. Liver