Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Understanding the Causes of Prostatitis

Understanding the Causes of Prostatitis: By Convention Medicine, it is still tough to tell what the cause of Prostatitis is By Complementary and Integrated Medicine, General Causes for Prostatitis are shown below: Refer to the picture above: It is kidney function controls prostate related issue, while the lung function supports kidney function (it is the reason why most chronic disease prostatitis patient may easily meet with the problem that is very difficult to piss sometime (because of their weak body/weak lung function). Kidney Function Problem Kidney function controls prostate related issue directly, so most chronic kidney disease patients have much more chance to get prostatitis. Without Support of proper kidney function, there will be easily prostatitis problem happen; this is also the reason that most aged man has much more chance to get prostatitis. Prostatitis Patients who is still with kidney disease problem may have their prostatitis symptom controlled quickly by strengthening their kidney function. Liver

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