Tuesday, 12 September 2017

World Natural Health Care Service Marketplace, Great News for healthcare & medical book authors

The world Natural Health Care Service Marketplace www.Centhealth.com just been launched, it will bring medical or healthcare student & amazon Kindle book author great chance to make money by offering extra supporting service &consulting service.

 The world Natural Health Care Service Marketplace Platform [ www.Centhealth.com,  aka worldnaturalhealthcare.com  and DollarhealthCare.com ] just been launched for its trial Running. The website www.Centhealth.com's slogan is bringing affordable healthcare service to everyone everywhere in the world.

Manager, senior consultant, Centhealth.com Maxwell Chan Says: With Natural health Care Service, it is viable that everyone can enjoy high quality health care service. Maybe it is the underlying cause while our government is going to be broken because of heavy health care expense, and India [and China] can keep their amazing high speed developing.

Maxwell also says, www.Centhealth.com  not only let healthcare service seekers can easily find the right affordable  healthcare  service   they are looking for, CentHealth.com also helps healthcare professionals Fulfil their dream to make the world more healthy and less torture of sickness.

For example, Medical or healthcare school students can offer their acknowledge to help people to get better health, while students can make income online for their better study.

For Amazon Medical/healthcare kindle ebook  Author,  when the ebook is set $1 for sale, plus direct communication available with end user,  extra consulting or support service has chance to  become highly demanded. This may bring the author much ore benefit than the book selling.

Director of Centhealth.com, Michael says  Centhealth.com  users can make their income  mainly on two ways:
1. Users can  ask and answer question on Answer-Question section to earn the point of reputation, then you can share the total  earning with the webmaster.

2.Users can sell their healthcare related service  or book, extra service or support is the main feature of this website, which certainly will bring healthcare or medical book author.

http://www.Centhealth.com is owned by SkyBlueCross.com, which is famous Natural Health Care Company found in 2006 in Toronto.

Maxwell Chan
SkyBlue Cross Corp.