Tuesday, 2 May 2017

a $4.99 Little Book Really can save USA High cholesterol cost up to $120 billion per year?

"Naturally Balanced your Cholesterol Level with Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Intervention Program" give out 100% natural health,Money saving solution against High Cholesterol, which may save USA $120 Billion per year


TORONTO - May 1, 2017 - PRLog -- An Outstanding  natural health consulting service company SkyBlue Cross, announced that they have published their Natural Heal Research Achievement:

Naturally Balanced your Cholesterol Level with Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Intervention Program ( aka Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Mediation program ),  The Functional Food Lifestyle Mediation Program  follow and apply National Institute of Health  & CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ) Guideline  & Suggestions   that Therapeutic Lifestyle changes can be the Lifestyle modifications against complex health Problems. The company also have developed many natural health ways to deal with the many complex health problems with their simple, effective Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Intervention Program (aka Mediation Program)
According to USAtoday.com, a Promising new cholesterol-lowering drugs, priced at $14,000 a year per person, could add $120 billion annually to the USA's health care costs if taken by all eligible patients, according to an economic analysis published Tuesday in JAMA. For more detail information, please visit:https://goo.gl/y2d1sa  for more detail information.
SkyBlue Cross Founder, Senior Consultant Maxwell Said: " Most High cholesterol is caused by liver lipid metabolic Problem. (Note: there are also many other reasons too, refer Dr. John and Maxwell's book "Naturally Balanced your Cholesterol Level") Nowadays, conventional treatment for this kind disease is to interfere liver lipid metabolism; the treatment has a chance to make liver lipid metabolism become disorder, increase the liver burden. These could be the reason why some many Satins side effects have been found. For more  detail information, please visit:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MQCJP63

Dr. John, one of authors of  book "Naturally Balanced your Cholesterol Level" said:"  Most Chronic Diseases should be caused by long time harmful lifestyle and unbalanced nutrient intake. Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Mediation Program could be the right effective solution for Chronic Diseases issues. "Naturally Balanced your Cholesterol Level" not only can help you have your cholesterol balanced, but also can help you to treat the causes of high cholesterol." For most detail Information, please refer: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M5IQIHB
About SkyBlue Cross: Sky BLUE Cross is a Complementary and Integrated Medicine consulting company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2006. SkyBlue Cross considers  Complementary and Integrated medicine as kind of Great Pyramids of medicine and health,  and many human being treasures of medicine  have been discovered and served  people in the world.

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New cholesterol drugs could add $120 billion to annual U.S. health costs. Refer below url:



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